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Proximity voice chat for Valorant

VPVC is currently in early beta. Expect bugs.

Setup instructions

Download and run the application (no installation required):

You may get a prompt from Windows telling you that the publisher of the application is unknown.
If that happens, you can safely select Run anyway.

Make sure to follow the in-app instructions on how to configure your game.

How it works

When you use VPVC, the app repeatedly takes a screenshot of your game and analyzes it to find out whether you're in the lobby, agent select or in-game, and your position on the map. This method of detecting your location isn't perfect but it ensures VPVC is safe to use and will not lead to any game bans.

While in the lobby, everyone in your party can hear each other.
In agent select, you can only hear members of your own team.
During gameplay, the volume of other players is determined by their distance on the map to you.

VPVC has voice chat built in so you don't need to install or use any additional software.

When you create a party in the app, you get a code that other players need to enter join your party.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use VPVC in public games?

While technically possible, it's not recommended to use VPVC in public games (why would you?).

Why does my anti-virus program warn me about VPVC?

VPVC was made using the official Windows App SDK. Applications made using this tool require multiple separate files to run. To make using VPVC easier, these files are bundled into one executable and extracted to a temporary folder when you run VPVC (and deleted again when you close it). This is similar to a technique used by some malware to hide its code, which is why some anti-virus solutions flag VPVC as potentially dangerous, even though the application is completely safe.

Why is my in-game location not detected correctly?

There are multiple reasons why the extraction of your in-game location can fail. Make sure you correctly configured your game according to the instructions displayed when you open the app. Currently, your enemy highlight color needs to be set to red or purple because the color of the minimap marker changes when you switch to another color. Check that you selected the screen your game is running on after launching the app.

Why is my microphone not working correctly?

VPVC uses the microphone set as default in your Windows settings. If VPVC isn't using the correct microphone, change your default microphone. Also, there are some known incompatibilities with Voicemeeter so try disabling it and check if that solves your problem.

Can I get banned for using VPVC?

No. VPVC works by taking screenshots of the game to detect your position and does not directly interact with the game in any way and will therefore not lead to a ban by the game's anti-cheat.

by thatmarcel